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Wind Damage: The Homeowner’s Worst Nightmare

If you had to guess what the most frequently submitted home insurance claim would be, what would you say? Water damage, fire, mold? Well, think again!

Wind damage actually causes the most home insurance claims.

wind damage

What is considered wind damage?

Hurricanes, tornados, and blizzards all include heavy winds that can damage trees, shingles, siding, windows, and more. Not all wind damage comes from the huge storms you may about on the news. Every day storms can randomly damage your home too. Thunderstorm winds account for half of the severe damage reports in the lower 48 states. They are hard to prepare for and may seem like an everyday rainfall until your lawn chair ends up in the neighbor's yard.

There are more storms and wind damage in the spring, which is why your insurance premium usually increases. Florida has the highest average home insurance premium of about $1991 per year. Luckily, we don’t have that high of a rate in Illinois!


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So, how do you prepare for a storm’s wind damage?

  • Keep all important documents in a safety deposit box at the bank or a water box

  • Install storm shutters on your home

  • Take a video of your home every year or when a large change is done to document your belongings

  • Take an inventory of your most important assets

  • Keep your exterior in good shape so it is a good shelter

  • Watch weather updates to keep yourself and family in a sheltered area

  • Keep a storm pack with food, water, and emergency items ready for severe storms

  • Keep an eye on your trees. An old or sick tree can topple and damage surrounding property

  • Buy heavy duty decorations and lawn furniture that can withstand high winds

  • Wear shoes during the storm in case you need to walk through debris afterward

  • Have candles available in case electricity goes out

  • Charge your phone as soon as you hear news of a bad storm

Dealing with Wind Damage

The storm has passed and there is damage to your home. Now, what do you do?

  1. Ensure everyone is unharmed and that the home is secure

  2. Check the news to look for a second wind of the storm

  3. If your home has structural damage, it is smart to evacuate and find a safe place for shelter

  4. Call your insurance to report the incident

  5. Take inventory of what is missing or damaged in your home

  6. Call your local exterior company to evaluate and repair the damage

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