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Designs & Tips For Your Home Exterior Remodel

Remodeling sounds like a lot of fun, but when you start looking at all of the options it can be overwhelming. Colors, materials, a contractor, and so on are all huge decisions to make. After all, it is going to be the first thing you look at for a number of years to come. To help you decide on an exterior design for your home, here is some inspiration!

Neutral Color

One option is to go neutral, but add both light and dark shades for contrast. The use of different types of materials is a great way to create texture. Neutral tones are a great option because they will stay in style for a long time. You can always add colorful decorations and furniture if you want to spruce it up for a couple of seasons. 

neutral home exterior

Accent Colors

Another option is to use an accent color and leave the rest neutral. This home has classy accent colors, red and cream, with rich natural tones. The small area of stone adds a great touch to the exterior as well. 

accent home exterior

Cedar Shingles

Cedar shingles look very rich and can be paired in many different ways. They are great if you want your house to pop, but still look very natural. 

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Stucco is a very durable material made of lime, sand, and water. It comes in many different shades. This particular home is designed to have the entire exterior covered in stucco, but other homes match it with stone or brick. 

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All White

This one story home looks great with the all white verticle lap siding. The gray roof and brightly colored flower pairings make for a trifecta. 

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Mostly Stone

Stone is a unique option that looks great on some home layouts and can be very overwhelming on others. Picking the right color and type of stone is key for a beautiful exterior!

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Bright colors!

If you want your home to really stand out from the crowd, add a touch of brightness! This can be especially fun for a beach home or a home with a trendy layout. 

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Nobody said that you have to use neutrals! If you like colors, pick a few that look great together and include them in your design. 

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5 Most Popular Siding Colors

1. Blue- Blue siding looks great with white or gray accents. 

Vinyl Siding Color Guide5

2.Green- Green siding pairs well with beige, white, and brown. 

HardiePanel Vertical Siding

3. Beige- Beige and brown siding work really well with natural stone. This color scheme is also ideal for fitting in with your surroundings.

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4. Gray- Gray siding pairs well with almost any other color which is one of the reasons that it is so popular. It is definitely a color that is here to stay.

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5. Red- Red siding is a really warm color that is popular around lake and barn areas. Brick and stone both look great as an accent.

Ply Gem SolarDefense Red Brick PR1015

Inspiration is key to designing a house you love! If you are nervous about choosing your own exterior, have a contractor or designer with experience give you advice. They work with the materials every day and can tell you what looks good. Pick out some pictures to show them so that they know what you are looking for. 

10 Tips For A Successful Exterior Remodel

1. Use symmetry

In order to seem properly designed, a home needs to have the perfect balance and symmetry. 

2. Balance durability and aesthetics

You want your home to be protected from all conditions, but also show off your personal style. If you're in an area with a lot of storms, but ideally you would have an all glass wall, you might have to compromise for safety purposes. 

3. Test out first the design first

Before you fully commit, look at other homes with the same concept, have a drawing made, and put it into this design tool.

4. Do your research

Sherwin-Williams has a great Q&A on choosing the right exterior paint color. Take a look at it here

5. Keep your neighbors in mind

Although you do not want to copy your neighbor's house, you want it to correspond or at least not clash. If they have a red home, your bright green home will stand out like a sore thumb. You also wouldn't want to put a log home next to a cheque modern style for example. 

6. Stay under budget

If anything, you should try to be below budget in case something were to come up during the remodel. There is not much worse than designing something at the top of your budget, only to realize that there are a few more additions needed and you'll have to come up with even more money.

7. Start with safety in mind

You should start with what material is most practical for durability and safety in your area. Then you should choose items in your budget. Lastly, you can look at the design elements you like the best. There is no sense dreaming of options that are not feasible for your needs.

8. Landscaping is key

Landscaping can be the last step that pulls your look together. Keep that in mind when you are predicting costs for the project. Boulders, plants, and other landscaping supplies are just as much a part of your home as your siding and front door. 

9. Proper exterior lighting

Lighting can really set off that "wow experience". Add lights to your garage door area, walkway, entryway, and the sides of your house for safety and appeal.o

10. Find the right help

Finding a contractor or designer should be just as important as choosing your materials. They will make a big difference on the way your home turns out. Going the cheap route isn't always as great as it sounds. Find someone that you can trust, has great ideas, and has your best interest in mind!

Where To Start In Your Remodel Process

1. List your problem areas

The first step in the process is to list the areas you want to be fixed in order if priority. If you are worried about the return on investment you will get from each part of your remodel, check out this infographic.

hmrc infographic


2. Nail down your budget for the remodel

Second, decide how much money you have to complete the remodel. You can have a separate number for what you hope you can stay under and the absolute maximum amount you can spend.

3. Look at ideas for inspiration

Look online or drive around neighborhoods for ideas. This will give you a better understanding of what you want out of the remodel.

4. Hire a contractor

Look for contractors in your area and talk to them about your options. Tell them everything from the first 3 steps and also when you would like to start. Pick the contractor that fits best with your needs.

5. Secure permits and order materials

Your contractor can help you do all of this. You will want to make sure no changes are happening to regulations in the near future and that you have the correct permits so that you can avoid redoing work. 

6. Go to work on your home

Now is time to start the building process. If the work is too intrusive for your daily life, you will need to find somewhere to stay during this time. 

7. Enjoy your new exterior!

The last step is the most fun! Now you will be able to drive up to your house every day feeling proud of the home you live in. 

For more tips, check out our blog!