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Tips To Get Your Home Exterior Ready For Summer

Spring fever is in full swing. That means that the sun is out and it is perfect weather for improving your exterior for the summer ahead. The trouble is, what exactly does that mean? Where should you start? Don’t get overwhelmed, we are here to help. Check out these steps to get your house prepped for a beautiful summer in Illinois!

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1. Hook up your garden hose

If you disconnected your hose for the winter, it is time to reconnect it.

2. Inspect your front door

Check your door for squeaking, rattling, drafts, or bugs coming through. This is important for safety and insulation. You don’t want to be paying to cool the outside on hot summer days.

3. Sweep and wash down your patio, deck, driveway, and walkway

The winter salt and debris take the glowing finish away from your exterior surfaces. Sweep all of the areas and then power wash them to make them look as good as new. If there are pieces missing or rotting, you should repair these issues right away.

4. Stain the deck and patio

stain deck

If necessary, wait for a nice day outside and stain the deck. Here are tips on how to do it correctly

5. Check your outdoor lights

Check your outdoor light bulbs to see that they all work. Then evaluate if you have enough exterior lighting. It is best for safety and curb appeal to have more lights on the outside of your home.

6. Reinforce your fence

Shovels, snow blowers, and plows can take a toll on your fencing. If there is any broken fence pickets or a part of your fence that is leaning, now is the time to get it straightened out!

7. Test the sprinkler system

To test your sprinkler system to make sure that it has no leaks, won’t back up, and works correctly, follow these tips.

8. Inspect and wash your siding

wash siding

Inspect your siding for missing or broken areas. Then wash it and check its quality again. If it needs to be painted or replaced, call a professional for help!

9. Clean your windows and screens

Use a power washer or vinegar and water to clean the exterior of your windows and screens. Then dry them off the windows to keep them streak free. If the windows are really high up or hard to reach, you might want to call a professional to avoid getting hurt.

10. Inspect and clean your air conditioner

Spray down the exterior air conditioner unit with a garden hose to get rid of debris. Then inspect your air conditioner. For steps on how to do that, check out this article.

11. Clean out your gutters and look for rust or holes

Clean out your gutters so that they do not get backed up and flood your home. You will need a ladder to physically clean out the gunk from your gutters and then spray them down with a garden hose.

12. Replace mulch

Replace the mulch around your home, trees, and plants if it is looking dull to give your home a fresh look.

13. Plant flowers and trees

Add brightness to your yard by planting fresh flowers and trees in the yard or in pots.

plant flowers

14. Pick up sticks

Pick up sticks to add to your next bonfire and to prevent the sticks from damaging your mower.

15. Repair lawn

You should aerate, rake, fertilize, and reseed your yard. For details, check out this tutorial.

16. Weed and edge the lawn

Edge the side of your lawn to make it look crisp. Then pick weeds in any areas that you have them.

17. Put out patio furniture and decorations

Don’t forget to put out the chairs and patio table. You can also get small decorations for your garden, birdbath, or other areas to make your home more welcoming

patio furniture

18. Take out the sandbox

If you have toys for your children like a sandbox or kiddie pool, now is the time to pull them out of storage.

19. Clean the birdbath

Get the gunk out of the bird bath so that they feel welcome to come get clean!

20. Fill your bird feeders

Fill the bird feeders with seed if you enjoy birds in your yard.

bird feeder

21. Add water to fountains or koi ponds

Add water to any fountain displays or decorative ponds in your yard.

22. Clean out your garage and shed

If you didn’t already do this for spring cleaning, get your garage and shed cleaned out. You will need easy access to all of your tools and yard care machinery all summer long.

23. Get your grill prepared

Time to make delicious food on your grill. But first, make sure it is clean and the propane tank is full.

24. Open the pool

If you have a pool, clean it up and add the water. Make sure you have the chemicals on hand or a schedule set up for it to be cleaned professionally.

open the pool


Once you have all of these tasks complete, it is time to relax and enjoy the beautiful summer weather!