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If your home shows any of these signs, it is time to invest:

1. There are damaged or missing shingles on your roof

An old or damaged roof can lead to leaks, ice dams, and poor insulation which will make your energy bills skyrocket.

damaged roof

2. Your siding is damaged, rotting, or discolored

Not only is this unappealing, it is not safe and can lead to further issues. Your siding is the main shield your home has from the outside elements.


3. Your gutters are bent or constantly get clogged

Your gutters direct the water away from your home. If they are not working properly it can cause your home to rot or flood.


4. Your front door gives off drafts or does not operate well

If you are getting drafts in your home from the door, it means it is probably not working correctly. A door that does not operate like it is supposed to is not safe or energy efficient.

front door

5. Your windows have damage, are rotting, let in drafts, or are not energy efficient

Just as your doors are a safety hazard if they are not working properly, so are your windows. If your windows have any damage or signs of rot, it is time to get them replaced. Rot is usually linked to mold and with mold comes health issues.


6. There are cracks or potholes in the driveway, patio, or sidewalk

These areas are driven on and walked on constantly so wear and tear is normal. Check these surfaces frequently and get them fixed right away if there are problems.

cracked brick

7. Your garage door does not work properly or is dented

If your garage door has structural or cosmetic issues, it is smart to get it fixed as soon as possible. This is a place that holds a lot of valuable items and many times has an entrance into your home. A damaged garage door is an easy entrance for an intruder.

garage door

8. Your home is not secure

If there are any areas that are left wide open or need locks, you should take care of them right away. It is also smart to have outdoor lights on all sides of your home so that burglars can not sneak in easily.


9. Your home just got hit by a storm

If you have been hit by a storm, you should assess the damage right afterward and take notes. Pictures are even better if you have the ability to take them. Once you have assessed the damage you should call your insurance agent and then your local restoration company.

storm damage

10. You have pools of water forming in certain areas

If you have pools of water anywhere around your home after it rains, it means that your drainage system is not working. Identify what is nearby and see if you can set up a system to drain the water elsewhere.


11. There were ice dams on your roof this winter

If you found ice dams on your roof this winter, it probably means your roof needs to be fixed or your attic is not insulated. Ice dams can cause leaks that will ruin your home.

ice dam

12. Your energy bills are extremely high

If your energy bills are high it is probably because your home isn't insulated properly. This could be due to actual insulation, windows, doors, or holes in the exterior.

energy efficiency

13. Peeling paint or wallpaper inside the home

Peeling paint or wallpaper inside your home means that you have too much moisture. Locate the areas that it is peeling and take note if they are by a window or door that could be working poorly. Another culprit would be a leak.

peeling paint

14. Water leaking into your home

If you have a water leak, trace it back to the area it originated. Then fix that spot immediately. It could be a roof, pipe, appliance, or otherwise.

water leak

15. Your foundation has cracks

If your foundation has cracks, this could be a major problem and it should be addressed immediately. More signs of a bad foundation are if your doors or windows do not shut properly but did before, uneven floors, walls separating from the house, or wall rotation.

foundation crack

16. Your deck wiggles, has cracks, or is discolored

A deck wiggling is a major safety issue and it should be reinforced. If it is just discolored, it is time to stain or paint it.


17. Loose fascia, soffits, or shutters

These can just be reinforced unless they are in bad shape.


18. There are critters in your home or you can see places they have gotten into your home

If animals, bugs, or rodents have found a way into your home, there is probably a hole or burrowed area on the exterior. Search for it and have it fixed right away.

mouse hole

19. Flickering or burnt out lights

This is a simple fix but can make a big difference. Just replace the bulbs!

20. You're selling your home soon

If you are selling your home soon but there are problems with your exterior, fixing them can get you a big return on your investment. Identify the issues and then research which changes are worth the money.

house for sale