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12 Low Budget Renovation Ideas For Your Home Exterior

Renovating your home exterior does not have to cost you an arm and a leg. Any improvement is a great start, so fit your remodeling schedule to your budget. To get you started with options, here are some low budget projects you can start this weekend.

Paint The Door

Paint your front door a fun color to accent the rest of your home’s exterior.

Replace House Numbers

Update and make your house numbers very visible to make your home have more flair.

Stain the Deck

A simple one day project can make a huge difference! Wash and stain your deck to make it look brand new.

Replace the Lighting

Your outdoor lights can change the way your home is perceived at a very cheap cost. It will brighten up your home in the night time, making it more appealing and safe. It will also give you a chance to add a personal touch with the light fixture choice.

Plant flowers

Make window boxes, planters, or plant flowers in the ground for extra color and vibrancy. Flowers make any area more lively.

Garage door replacement

Garage doors take up a large portion of your curb appeal. Make sure they are looking clean and undamaged. If you don’t want to replace the garage doors, you could just paint them to make them look fresher!

Power washing

Sometimes projects don’t even require paint. Pressure wash your exterior surfaces to see their true condition.

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Siding replacement or paint

Siding replacement can be cheaper than most expect. Take a look at this article to see if siding replacement might be in your budget. 

Trim and molding replacement

The trim and molding are what makes your home look crisp. Paint or replace it to tie in all of your projects.

Stepping stone walkway

This adds decor and makes it easier for your guests to walk, so it's a win win.

Lay mulch or rocks

Put mulch on the edging of your house or under your plants and trees to make them pop.

Remove the weeds and mow the lawn

This is a recurring project, but fresh lawn care is appreciated by many.

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For more ways to improve your home's exterior, check out this article on curb appeal.