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Important Exterior Projects To Do This Fall

With Summer nearing an end and Fall around the corner, now is the time to get your home in shape before the cold weather arrives. Start by taking a glance at your home’s exterior and add these items to your end-of-summer checklist.


Outstanding Roof Repairsshingles

As summer storms rolled through your neighborhood, you and your family were able to take cover in the comforts of your home. Even though you were safe inside, what about your roof? A passing thunderstorm (or two) may leave a few branches and leaves to be gathered up around the yard; but the tossing of branches, excessive winds and hard rain may have waged war on your roof. For the health of your roof it is imperative to address any cracked, buckled, or missing shingles that occurred during the summer months. Failure to do so may result in a long list of future issues, all which could be prevented if you pay attention to the obvious warning signs.

Snow-covered red house in the winter

With cooler months approaching, your roof will be put to the test as roofs undergo a significant beating every winter. The weight of winter snow, ice, and sinking temperatures put additional pressures on your roof. As your homes first defense, it is best to proactively address roof repairs than to put them off and discover a leaky roof during a snowstorm. Late summer conditions also provide a warm and safe environment for your roofing contractor. Plus, there are advantages to completing your roof repairs before winter arrives.

 When addressing roof repairs, be sure to inspect roof vents for proper function and address any overhanging trees. You love the trees in your yard but as branches scrape against roof shingles, they can slowly wear them down. Leaves also fall directly onto your roof (and into the gutter) which can lead to mold, deterioration, or leaks when not addressed.  And worse yet, if an overhanging tree is damaged or diseased, a storm can cause limbs to fall onto your home.


Upgrade Your Home Exterior 

Paint peeling from siding

Inspect exterior walls to see if any paint is peeling or blistering on the house. Peeling paint is a sign that the existing paint is failing and can no longer protect the siding of the house. If this isn't corrected, the siding will deteriorate and lead to repairs. Also, look for chipped, cracked, rotted or warped siding as an indicator of more issues. Sometimes only a portion of the siding will need to be replaced. But if you have multiple areas of damage, it might be cost-effective to completely replace your siding.

  All siding has a life expectancy and faded siding may mean that the effective waterproofing of the siding may have run its course. Since siding cannot last forever, faded color may be an indicator that a future upgrade is in store. New siding will transform the look of your home and provide a wise long-term investment.


Eliminate Air Leaks


 Take a stroll around your house and look for places where air can escape, or drafty air can come inside. These areas a most prevalent where any place two different building materials meet. Windows and doors are the most common areas for leaks. If you can rattle them or see daylight around the door or window frame, you likely have a leak which can be solved by caulking or weather stripping.

 If the existing caulk is peeling away, you will likely have a small leak which can be addressed by cleaning the surface and applying a new bead of caulk. Also, leaks can occur near plumbing pipes, ducts, or where electrical wires enter the house through the siding. Sealing these gaps is cost-effective and will reduce energy bills as you head into the cooler months.


Power WashMoss filled roof

After a long day at the beach, a thorough cleansing is needed. The same goes for your home--after a long summer, an exterior wash may be the best thing for your home’s exterior. A thorough power wash will remove the grime and dirt that has adhered over time and combat any mold and mildew trying to settle in. Plus, power washing is one of the most affordable ways to uphold the value of your property and maintain the beauty of your home. Following a good wash, you’ll feel good and more proud about your house.