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When Should I Replace My Home Windows?

Your home’s windows play many roles. They improve curb appeal. They filter natural light and they improve energy efficiencies. If your windows are outdated and worn down, they can become a liability and a risk. Although windows When should I replace my home windows? won’t last forever, high-quality and well-maintained windows do last a long time. Windows that are over 20 years old are probably due for an upgrade. Here are some easy ways to know when the time to replace them has come.


9 Signs it's Time to Replace Your Home’s Windows

1. Windows are damaged, warped, or broken

Many times a simple repair can do the trick for a window instead of replacing it. But in the case of a window that is damaged, warped, or broken it is almost always preferred to replace it.


2. You want to reduce your energy bill

During the winter months, windows provide some heat by letting in sunlight. But if the same window is drafty and letting in cool air, that can cause your energy bill to be 10-25% higher. Replacing windows with energy-efficient ones can have a significant impact on heating and cooling bills.When should I replace my home windows?


3. You need to soundproof  your house

If you stand quietly by your window, close your eyes, and wait for a car to drive by. Can you hear the car coming? Windows can transfer noise vibrations from outside your house into the house. And it there is a lot of noise outside your house, the cumulative decibels can add up. The best energy-efficient windows are designed to absorb these sound waves and never let them get inside the house.


4. Your home needs a makeover

Homes have many features, one of them is the windows. A set of old, dilapidated windows can easily make a house carry the same look. If you are making upgrades to your home’s appearance (e.g. replacing siding, roof, etc), you might as well upgrade the windows during the process. Whether it is installing larger windows for more light; or changing the style of window to improve airflow. If a home’s windows look worn, the house will too.


5.Your home’s interior is fading

Most people enjoy having natural light in the home, but excessive ultraviolet rays will cause fading of your home’s interior. With new windows you can better protect your walls, floors, and furnishings.  Insulated, double or triple pane glass, will provide extra protection from UV rays.


6. There is regular condensation build up between the panes of glassWhen should I replace my home windows?

When condensation builds up between the panes of glass, this is a sign that the seals on the double, or triple pane window are deteriorating. Outside air is getting in and moisture gets trapped between the panes and condenses into droplets.

Condensation build-up on the inside or outside of the windows is a sign that the windows are working and keeping heat from escaping the home.


7. The window frame is cracking

The most obvious sign that you need to replace your windows is a decaying window frame. As frames are exposed to moisture, they begin to warp and crack. Not only are windows more difficult to open, but this decay can cause more serious issues, if not addressed. As window frames are allowed to rot, deterioration will continue allowing more air and water leaks into your house.


8. You have single-pane windows

At one time, single-pane windows were the standard and some houses still have them. But when comparing a When should I replace my home windows?single thickness of glass versus the advantages of modern double (or triple) paned windows, there is no contest. The glass portion of the window is the greatest culprit for energy efficiency. The space between panes will slow down heat transfer which cannot be done on a single-pane window. Additionally, multi-pane windows have a “Low-E” coating applied to the glass that reflects long-wave infrared energy (heat). This means that heat can’t penetrate the windows from the outside in the summer, and warmth can’t escape during the winter.


9. Your windows make you unhappy

Quite plainly, having to look at putrid and rickety windows every time you see your house may be reason enough for an upgrade. Replacing windows may be just enough to add better functionality, more light, and a touch of style to benefit your home, and you.

If you are experiencing one or more of these issues, it is time to consider the option of replacing your windows. Highmark Restoration offers a full range of quality windows to suit any home’s style and budget.